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Tree Teaches the Teachers about Class Dynamics

In October 2016 I taught a Professional Development day for teachers at Seymour Mountain on how they could Build their Dream Team class dynamic. The day went fairly well and I discussed many topics to do with my concerns with power dynamics in schools etc which many were receptive to and we had some great discussions. Looking back though, knowing what I know now, I bet it was taken with a grain of salt that I was not a seasoned in the classroom teacher. Not only was it received differently but I felt differently then compared to now given my recent experience. My understanding of the difference between having lived it day in and day out and trying things that do actually work in the system is very different than proposing strategies that sound good in theory, and work in certain contexts, but we do not know exactly how they would work within the school system given that they have not been thoroughly tested.

Looking back on the slides I do not disagree with what I wrote, I just did not have the same relatable "I've actually done this with a classroom in the school system" that I do now. I am curious what I could do with this presentation once I am a bit more seasoned in the classroom management department, and interested in really going over these slides in depth before next year to remind myself of the wisdom I had before going deep in the grass roots of the classroom!

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