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Pathways to Truth Colouring Book Project

This was our first group project together and it was SMOOOOOOOTH! Robin, Taryn, Kyla and I worked together to explore our thoughts on the project through exploration, discussion and arts based processes. It was organic, emergent and incredible.

Unfortunately we lost Kyla from the program during this project which was super sad :(

(We came into the program together as we had worked together during a Vancouver Bienniale dance project I did with her class so it was extra sad for me to see her go.)

Based on how incredible this project went, I had an (unbeknownst to me) unrealistic expectation that all of our group projects moving forward were going to be as flawless in process. Not to say that I had a bad experience in other groups per se as all have pros and cons, but none were as smooth, organic and flawlessly process based as this one.

Thanks for such an incredible first project experience ladies! :D

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