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Project ReSchool (and ReSchooling myself!)

Funny enough, just a few short short days after I myself got hired into the school system, our group presented our project called "Project ReSchool" in Stuart Poyntz class. In this project, we proposed gathering students from different schools who were interested in creating their dream classroom that they worked on creating for a year before getting together to actually be in the same class the next year. I think it is a great idea and am proud of the work we did AND have learned SO much since then after being in the school system myself. My hostility and anger around the state of education has changed drastically and I realized just how many people rage on the school system from outside it without having updated first hand experience of it since they were kids! This has really opened my eyes as to the importance of working IN community, WITH community and in collaboration with others because once I did, my perspective really changed. It is not that I no longer think there are issues in education, but now I actually understand what they are better because I am spending the time, energy and effort to BE with the people each day to experience it. Before I was just thinking about the issues I experienced in the school system from my experience with it almost 20 years before and thinking it was exactly the same as I thought. It might be the same as you think it is, but you cannot know for sure unless you experience it for yourself. A lot has changed within you over the years you have not been in school, and a lot has changed in the system. Now I am more likely to encourage people to spend time exploring whether their opinions are true or not based on recent first hand experience than to automatically agree with them.

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