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Transferring my Teaching Credentials

After 10 years of trying to figure out how I wanted to teach in my own way, I decided to start the process of transferring my teaching credentials over to BC. I had "bad" experiences in school myself, I had "bad" experiences of professors in teachers college and an even worse experience of my teaching mentor in my practicum. Having gone the unschooling/deschooling, alternative education, community engaged, co-creation and democratically decided route through alternative schools, community centres, summer camps and after school programs etc., I found myself teaching in schools anyway! This time I was working with rad teachers, supported by awesome administration and immersed in an innovative and progressive new BC curriculum that puts Ontario to shame in terms of social emotional learning. Why not? I thought... and after years of consideration and avoidance of discomfort... I took the plunge! Little did I know that BC was HURTING for teachers and that within a year I would have taught music (which I am not qualified for) and have my own Arts Education Classroom.

Below is a video about the BC Core Competencies which is a major reason why I decided to try teaching in BC schools.

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