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Moving Through Dance - Grant Project

This hypothetical grant proposal was actually more of a difficult process than I thought it would be. The feedback about our original idea was harsh (thankfully and rightfully so) the content was uncomfortable (I have never applied for a grant before and for some reason avoid it like the plague) and it was difficult to enjoy the writing because of the choppy feel to the requirements.

It was a a growthful, and challenging experience and I learned that:

- Writing grants are an art form in and of themselves! (I am sure there are people out there who are great at it and I have a lot to learn from them). Obviously this one project is not enough for me to become great at it right away but now I have a better idea of what we need to do than I did before which means if I write one and I am looking for support I will be more likely to know who to ask, how to reach out more successfully than before etc.

- Properly planning a project yourself from start to finish is very different than just reactively going with the flow. Many of the projects I have been involved in I either get hired, or I plan it myself but it is done without pay so I have never really planned anything like that before. This is good experience for me to apply to classroom planning re: budgeting and holistically planning the year, as well as if I want to apply to any education grants in addition to any arts related ones.

- You can make great connections from just reaching out to connect. This project is where I first made my connection with Nina Patel from the DTRC which led to my internship and a myriad of great connections.

Thanks for taking me out of my comfort zone Judith! :D

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