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Kids Documentation Projects

Around the same time as we were submitting our documentation chapter for our class, my kids were presenting their own documentation chapters on their collaborative dance creation project.

Each project included

- Artist bio of themselves as artists in this project

- Creative visual timeline/map/sketch-note of events

- More detailed timeline (at least 5 events from timeline): what happened in each event on the timeline/details about what we did during that session, what their role was in that activity/how they contributed to the process, how that activity related to our dance/why they think we did that activity as well as photos/pictures/diagrams for each stage

- A circle poem about their experience as well as a general reflection of what they learned (what they found challenging, how it connects to their lives and how they are different now than before they started)

It was great to see them reflect on our process and get insight into their experience.

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