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Seeing this show was a huge eye opener for me. Although obviously I know these programs and other programs like it exist, it felt incredibly affirming in that I felt like I had found "my people.” The word co-creation was used so many times it made my heart ridiculously happy. "Dancing the Parenthood" created the most incredibly amazing safe and nurturing space on stage and their movement was SO simple! My aesthetic preferences leaned towards simple, minimal, and clean lines without attempts to dance FOR anyone other than dancing for their process. After having explored many variations of ASC in class and having gotten to know about, or know personally people involved in the projects, and having been involved in All Bodies Dance myself, it helped me to see tangibly the results of very different processes come to life. It was almost as if I could see the aesthetics of each process displayed on stage. That sounds very obviously what would happen given that the piece is a result of its process but it was so much more than that... a huge Ah Ha moment that said THIS for me is the difference between the work I want to do, and the work I do not. The aesthetics of each performance spoke to me in different ways and it was really telling to see the results of each approach based on my previous experience of the people involved and the way they work (or the way I think they work).

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