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"Moustachios Pizzeria" - Co-Created Pizzeria Experience

Teaching French this year was a MAJOR challenge. Literally the only thing I remember from Grade 3 was when we did an Italy unit and made fresh pasta with my Italian teacher. All year long I kept saying I wanted to make a restaurant in the classroom as part of career education, and to help the kids really have an experience of how restaurants work as I find them incredibly facilitating... and we did it!

On the second last day of school we succeeded in turning our classroom into a restaurant. We had a host, servers, drink managers and assistants, dishwashers, pretend customers, entertainment, chefs, an expeditor and more. The kids applied with resumes and interviews for the jobs they wanted and I created the teams according to their applications as well as strengths and weaknesses. They learned how to say various pizza related words in French and some even applied for their jobs in French!

The kids designed the space, sewed their own uniforms, designed the logo below and we worked together to make the pizza and run the restaurant in our teams. Kids were hustling like I had never seen them before, servers came to life working hard to serve their tables (customers were our little buddy class) and kids who struggle majorly with behaviour LOVED the kitchen hierarchy model and lingo.

Many kids said they thought it was going to flop but it ended up going really well. I will DEFINITELY do this again next year!

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