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Aesthetic Perspectives - Attributes of Excellence in Arts for Change

This work has influenced me greatly and thus I decided to use it to filter my exploration of learning over the past 2 years. Something about this framework ignited something in me that I thought was left only for Fine Art. It seems as though during my quest to find the type of art practice I was really looking for, I was having aesthetic experiences through the work and seeing gorgeous moments in the products, and could identify for myself when certain aesthetic elements I enjoyed were present. Examples of this are the way people move when they are authentically expressing themselves vs. the way they move when they are trying to perform for an audience inauthentically, or the way that choreography created by kids out of inquiry and exploration can look compared to created to fit the stereotypical "dance" aesthetic, or how kids look when they are ecstatically engaged in a process instead of following along because of forced and unmotivated compliance.

I am thankful for these persepctives which which to evaluate, explore and further my practice.

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