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Teaching/Pedagogy vs. Facilitation/ASC

In relation to this issue, Judith asked me in class, what is the difference between pedagogy and facilitation. This is still a huge question I am grappling with all the time. I do not even feel like I have an answer for it really, but I am starting to understand that one major thing is the luxury to take your time and let things be what they are. In facilitated projects there is a certain amount of flexibility with outcomes happening at certain times or in certain ways but with education, while you do have that same flexibility in some areas, there is little flexibility in others where you are just expected to rapidly produce results. There is more management and logistical movement and organizing of people and resources compressed into short deadlines and time frames. Assessment of learning happens daily, hourly and minute by minute across multiple subjects, with multiple projects and timelines on the go. This is very different than a more slow moving, organic and emergent project that has percolation time and can take years to evaluate.

This is where I am at with this exploration so far and I will continue to percolate on this topic as it is fascinating for me to think about. Thanks for the inspiration to explore this!

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